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BritNat Cyber Ops Exposed?
The recent massive expansion of funding, staff, and premises of the Scottish Office (known in most former colonies as the Governor Generals Office) is evidence of the Crown Estates public intent to further extend its control, mastery and ownership over all things Scottish. From the electoral process, to the existence of Holyrood itself, from the independence of our Scottish legal system to the false allegations targeting many prominent independence activists and politicians, nothing is sacred, nothing is safe.
The process is incessant, invasive and permeates every aspect of the information the Scottish public receives.
The unionist media unquestioningly amplifying the fakery seeded by armies of establishment cyber thugs, who manipulate the digital 'reality' that has become so much a part of what constitutes public perception.
High on the hit-list, as recent events have shown, is Ex First Minister of Scotland and now Current Affairs program host, Alex Salmond.
Revelations by Craig Murray and others... clearly show the extent to which the smiling face of colonial dominion hides their dark and dangerous 'Orwellian' intentions from the people of Scotland!
Like a circle within a circle, like a wheel within a wheel, a never ending propaganda operation to bring Scotland to heel.
I wrote six years ago what would happen if we lost the independence referendum. I detailed how the 'British' state, the colonial establishment would accelerate the process of erasing 'Scottishness' and supplant it with the single state concept of 'Britishness'. Anything that represented any form of Scottish individuality, Scottish autonomy, Scottish indentity that might embolden or facilitate a second native uprising, was to be undermined, replaced or destroyed. 
Since then every agency of the Westminster regime aided by its propaganda arm, the unionist media, have indeed targeted Scottish institutions, high profile figures and Scottish achievements, in an ever expanding public and covert strategy to re-establish full English dominion over Scotland.
'Rebellious Scots to crush.' 
The National Slips!
But then no-one is perfect and in the chaos of social distancing, lockdowns and working from home, normal standards and procedures are under strain. Let's hope this is just that and not any underlying change to its balanced, informative and accurate journalism.

If I had withheld information, knowing it would undoubtedly lead to thousands of deaths that otherwise might have been saved... for no other reason than making a bigger profit ... would you not expect me to face some form of criminal charge?
Award-winning journalist John Pilger has revealed that the NHS staged an exercise in London in 2016 which proved it was unable to cope with a pandemic like Covid-19, but its findings were suppressed.” “Coronavirus spread in UK is a ‘crime’ as NHS had 4 years to prepare for pandemic" – John Pilger
So it should come as no surprise to see the NHS struggling to cope with a pandemic for which every preventative contingency recommended by expert analysis had been arbitrarily ignored by this unaccountable, elitist, authoritarian Westminster regime.

The bleating bitter bile of the Tartan Morris Dancer, Douglas Alexander, not only shames his own Scottish Heritage but further demonstrates why the people of  Paisley & Renfrewshire South said No!
A Scottish hospital named after a Scottish medical hero Louisa Jordan ... and yet the sticky fingered Alexander, along with many other Tartan Morris Dancers, just cant help but dance to their colonial masters Scotphobic tune... Read more

Alex on Arbroath

Seven hundred years on, what relevance does the Arbroth document have for the march to Scottish Independence from English colonial dominion. The Alex Salmond Show examines the facts.
Tae a Virus

Twa months ago, we didna ken,  
yer name or ocht aboot ye
But lots of things have changed since then, 
I really must salute ye
Yer spreading rate is quite intense, 
yer feeding like a gannet
Disruption caused, is so immense, 
ye’ve shaken oor wee planet

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