From the moment the story broke the trail of deceit was palpable!

And now a repeat performance from a year ago. A convenient act of self destruction by the Syrian government on the verge of victory, that justifies your continued funding, support as well as this proposed direct intervention by the west in another fake US lead war of regime change.
Clearly something is very wrong when yesterday a major MSM outlet, FOX News known for its rabid anti-Russian, pro-war rhetoric came out challenging the authenticity of the current establishment narrative.
As the US fleet steams at flank speed into another American war , dragging the lapdog nations of Little England and France in its zionist wake, we have but a few days to change the narrative the politicos and MSM are spreading, if we are to avoid the very real possibility of a full scale nuclear confrontation between the super powers....... !!

A 10 year old Cluedo player would see through the Boris & May Inc charade!

A headline that could fit any number of MSM stories recently.
Where has honest journalism gone? There was a time Estate Agents were regarded as the lowest form of life, superseded over the years by Yuppies, Bankers and more recently Politicians! Now without a shadow of doubt the main stream media journalist has runaway with that award. Those of you old enough will recall the Nuremberg trails in which the defence for many charged with acts of genocide was 'We were only following orders!' . Will this be the journo's defence in the nightmare of a post apocalyptic winter where they will surely be held to account! Perhaps they think they will be immune from the clouds of radioactive dust that will fill our skies thanks entirely to their shameful cowardice.
The Skripal affair saw not one piece of real investigative journalism. No play by play maps and diagrams in the Sun. No probing questions of any of the official narrative, No Hospital statements, No interviews with neighbours and others in the play.

On the brink of Armageddon
and for What?
An articulate, powerful, impassioned speech delivered to a global audience, .. a must watch!
The Professional Middle Class
Shame on you!
The professional middle class, highly educated, with access to the real information, who have the acumen to at least suspect the truth about what’s going on and have positions of authority and control to effect change if they collectively decided to do so.
But all we see are the three wise monkeys.
You know who they are, the bourgeoisie of the 21st century, in their suburban gated fortresses patrolled with clockwork precision by the 'never there, when YOU need them' police. They check their mail to see if that long anticipated note from the palace has arrived, that reward of monarchical currency, an honour, some privilege or maybe just conformation their triple locked pension is still being protected by their establishment minders. Safe and secure they are the pillars that maintain this corrupt elitist hegemony.
Senior civil servants, senior doctors, senior academics, industrialists, military, judges ... and many more ... In every organisation, group, agency, department or body .. they can be found. loyal and obedient to the 'great lie' and detached from any moral responsibility for the consequences of their inaction. There will always be those who try to corrupt the system to their advantage ... but in the past this middle class was the counterbalance to those corrupt machinations .
No MORE! ... they have all been bought for a few dollars more and a monarchical smile.
Shame on them!
The BBC Trust have admitted that their political editor Laura Kuenssberg created fake news when she misrepresented Jeremy Corbyn's position on shoot-to-kill. The BBC Trust ruling concluded that Kuenssberg's report was "not duly accurate" because it presented "an answer Mr Corbyn had given to a question about shoot-to-kill as though it were his answer to a question he had not in fact been asked".
Skripals Willing 'Actors' in Gas Attack plot! ...In the absence of any verifiable evidence and in the manner of the BBC we have decided to report as fact the following fictional narrative about the 'nerve agent' poisoning in Salisbury ..... we stress it is fiction, no way could be true?
Police funding cut. Police numbers slashed. The streets of the English Capital covered in blood and yet Mays fracking friends seem to have an unending supply of both.
See them in ACTION HERE!
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