Is 'Scottishness' being erased! As project FEAR failed to quell the native unrest in 'North Britain' have the colonial agencies now switched to project SMEAR?

Rarely now, will you hear the MSM refer to Scotland by name unless in a negative context and even more rarely adjacent to any reference to 'England'. For to do so would infer 'Scotland' being a sovereign nation on a par with England and that they do not want you to think.. Whether its distorting the facts or manipulating minds their intention is clear. Before the next IndyRef vote takes place they seek to dismantle anything the colonial establishment considers might embolden the natives to challenge to their dominion over Scotland.
Be warned lashings of Smear is coming your way, especially formulated to make you feel weak, vulnerable and dependent!
From product branding to News reporting, from the high towers of Westminster to the lowly ramparts of local government all agencies of the colonial establishment are preparing the field of battle .. #ScotRef
It would take a 'deaf dumb and blind kid' not to be aware of the recent seismic gear shift by the Unionist media, up into what is termed by BBC journalist Paul Mason as “full propaganda strength”. Never since the dark days before WWII has the state propaganda machinery been so active.
At every level and in every way the knife of censorship and the pen of misinformation are busy at work undermining anything that might suggest a Scotland capable of successfully managing its own affairs independent from the dominion of England. Even the idea of Scotland being a sovereign nation is being subtlety eroded .
"My heart was glad when I saw that list of donors to Scotland in Union. My flush of enthusiasm for independence had lately waned a little.
Now it is refreshed and more fervent than ever. For it would be immoral not to oppose these people and seek their downfall." ~ Kevin McKenna
If the facts dont fit your story change the facts!
A 'story' that is now reverberating across the Scotland. Yet another attempt by the colonial establishment to smear NHS Scotland, seeking to undermine the confidence amongst the natives, of their ability to competently manage their own affairs. Unionist and Labourite Royalty BBC's Scotland Editor, Sarah Smith reported that last week over one hundred thousand patients in Scotland had to wait more than four hours to be seen at A&E.
@BadSNP @BadNHSScotland @BadScotland
Oooooops hang on there a second Sarah ... according to isdscotland whose job it is to record such data .... in the week referred to by you .... there were only 25,865 attendances to A&E in total.
After a week of silence she finally admitted her 'error' in a tweet acknowledging her mistake. However the question still remains. If it was a genuine mistake ( haha ) what was so newsworthy about the correct figure that warranted a slot in the BBC's prime time 6 O'clock New programme? We don’t expect an answer.
The Queensferry crossing – a three-tower cable-stayed bridge with a length of 1.7 miles – opened in early September 2017, well within budget and with a manageable 8-month time delay. This is a rare occurrence among bridges. According to research at the University of Oxford’s business school, ’Nine out of 10 fixed links (bridges and tunnels) suffer an average cost overrun of 34% and a time delay of roughly 2 years.’
ts not only the Tories and their MSM backers like the BBC that are engaged in Project Smear, STV and the Liberals are at it too. STV shamelessly allows Lib Dem MSP to distort scale of transfers to NHS England as a single English county sends 500 back.
Ruth Davidson likes to relax in her nurse uniform when she’s home from a busy day pretending she doesn’t want Theresa May’s job.
"You've had your referendum and you're part of England now!"
Marks & Spencers.
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