Scotland undergoing orchiectomy
There can be no doubt, given the recent behaviour of all the colonial parties operating in Scotland that their raison d’etre is no longer to control by creating policy but to control by the destruction of constitutional principle.


You wouldn’t! The recent vote at westminster that sees as many as 111 devolved powers being snatched back, only confirms that the colonial establishment is seeking to so reduce Holyroods capacity to function in any positive and meaningful way to deliver benefit to the people in Scotland, in order to make it unfit for purpose and thereby disposable. The Unionist MSPs of all political flavours are singing the same tune in perfect harmony. Their mission is clear .. remove the focal point of native resistance to their dominion. Destroy Holyrood and you castrate Scotland forever.
Is it not time we faced up to what must inevitably happen if this is allowed to continue. Is it not time, whilst the institution of Holyrood, the existence of a Scottish Government are recognised internationally, is it not time to say No More ... to say to the English Colonial establishment if you want dominion over Scotland then you will have to spill blood.
Because by dismantling piece by piece the mechanisms by which consensus can be arrived at you leave us no choice!

The 'Great British' power grab, or as history will recall it 'The British Empires Last Stand' is real. The colonial establishment has shown its hand and is committed. Of course they will continue their strategy of spreading Fear where they can, Confusion and Uncertainty at every turn and more lashings of Smear than you could spread over Hampden onto all that is positive in Scotland.
We expect nothing less from these snake-oil sellers,however recent events reveal a far more sinister ploy is being enacted in a systematic, organised, orchestrated and targeted way.
For some time now there has been no serious attempts by any of the Unionist parties in Holyrood to initiate new or amend existing legislation. There has been little meaningful engagement with Holyrood as a vehicle to even advance there ideological and political agendas.
This is of-course deliberate. Why would you endorse and strengthen by your engagement, something you are in the process of destroying?

Not just a £1b bung seemingly !
The love affair between the Tories and the Unionist bigots in Northern Ireland takes a much murkier turn as new leaked documents reveal that money for votes was not the only bung made by May to secure the crucial DUP support in westminster. More on Page 15
Parcel of Rogues

"In a momentous week for Scottish – and British – politics, during which the thirteen Scottish Conservative MPs voted en masse against the Labour amendment that would have prevented the rolling back of the Devolution settlement, what I’ll really want to ask her is this: what do you really make of your fellow Scottish Conservatives today? Because I think that to label them useless is to miss the point. They’re useless to Scotland, for sure, but what if your job description – your raison d’etre, is to belittle and diminish Scotland at each and every turn? What if your role is to clear the ground for an all-out assault on a devolution settlement you never wanted and on Scottish democracy itself? If that’s your game, you’re not useless in the slightest. On the contrary, I’d say you’re playing out of your skins." InFull Page 7.

Mundell reveals his true position when asked about the projection of 80,000 job losses in Scotland due to a Hard Brexit ....!

19th Jan 2018

"Yesterday ma mother passed away aged 90. She'd suffered fae dimentia for the last few years and became very ill back in July .She was taken in tae Wishaw general Hospital, then admitted to Meldrum Gardens respite home in East Kilbride, we got her hame for a few weeks then she fell and broke her hip which was the beginnin of the end. For the last few weeks she was in Hairmyers Hospital, Udston Hospital and finally back to Hairmyers where she passed away yesterday.
But this post isny aboot ma mother, its aboot the Scottish NHS and care services. Right thru fae the time she first took no well right to the end, every single Doctor, Nurse, Para-medic, Ambulance crew, Hospital porters , Carers, Social workers etc., were fantastic. Ma mother had 5 star treatment through-out. So ah'd like tae thank everybody in every place and service mentioned above on behalf of maself, ma family and ma mother. THANKYOU SCOTTISH NHS . SUPERB." ~ David C.

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