Deal or No Deal?
Are Scotlands fishing waters, 'unelected' Theresa Mays to bargain with?

Fiona Grahame from the The Orkney News has been investigating what effects Brexit will have on our fishing industry...

The UK joined the (Common Fisheries Policy) CFP in 1970 with the conclusion of a deal signed by the then Conservative Prime Minister Ted Heath with the seas becoming a shared resource. Before this there had been no CFP. It gave all European fishing fleets equal access to EU waters and fishing grounds. The disastrous impact of the CFP was soon felt in the Scottish fishing industry and despite reforms it has remained deeply unpopular.
Will leaving the EU Change this?
When The UK Leaves the EU and the CFP, as a coastal nation it will still be bound by  The United Nation Convention on the law of the Sea (UNCLOS). This means that the UK will still have responsibilities on how fish stocks are managed and

Will the EU 'Brexit' negotiators seriously accept any deals involving access to fishing grounds over which it is soon likely May will have no jurisdiction?
If such a deal was struck , will that not ensure that 'some' in the EU would have a vested (veto) interest in #ScotRef18 failing!
Is this Mays plan?

No longer are we to be 'telt'.
May, ... do your tellin to your own.
We listen to the people of Scotland.
A powerful, impassioned speech delivered to a global audience, marking this momentous crossroads in Scotlands history .. a must watch!
Minister softens up 11 million workers for pensions blow
And yet we know, as #ScotRef18 approaches like the Neanderthals they are, they will try this again, along with any number of new concoctions and smoke and mirrors and outright lies. The question is not what they say, but is there anyone left who is listening to them? Better Together simply smells of shite!
Millions of people with “final salary” pensions may have to accept cuts to their income as radical plans emerge aimed at saving thousands of struggling small funds.
Tory pensions minister Richard Harrington hints that in future pensioners will have to accept reduced benefits to take the pressure off embattled funds.
For decades, the companies that back these schemes – where retirement income is guaranteed and based on salary and length of service – .............
If Carlsberg did audio sphincters they would sound just like a Kuenssberg. Laura Kuenssberg that is. The BBC's star political propagandist and fake news magician reigns supreme. However even her cheek control cant disguise her recent 'Westminster Gossip' guff ... and it pongs !
No easy way to bring this up ... probably a bit like the bull bringing up the pooling blood from his lungs and snorting it from his nostrils .. 3 EU countries still see this as a fun sport. This has to STOP !
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang in Wood!
Instead of seeing the profits from another of Scotlands successful industries being syphoned off south .. The Greens have put forward proposals in conjunction with French auto giants Citroen to build a sustainable 'wooden car' production plant, located in the grounds of the soon to be vacated Balmoral Estates, using Scottish timber!
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